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We're in Business to Relieve Your Financial Stress...

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About Our Firm

At Minert & Associates, we are a full-service Tax & Accounting Tulsa CPA Firm.  Founded by Tony Minert in January 2002, we have become the accounting/tax firm of choice for many small businesses, missionaries, & humanitarians across the globe. What sets us apart from our competitors is we’re a family friendly company committed to the development of personal relationships with our clients. 


Our primary purpose is to relieve your financial stress by offering valuable guidance tailored specifically to your circumstances.  Our tax preparer & accounting team have a combined work experience of 120 years.  Our administrative team has a combined work experience of 30 years. We welcome you to contact us to schedule a one-time, complimentary evaluation and consultation. Our team is looking forward to meeting you or a member of your organization soon!

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